Why does SmartConfig fail?
Here are some probable reasons why SmartConfig might fail:

APP version is not matched with SDK or SmartConfig version.
The router under configuration is a 5 GHz-only router.
Some other API was called during SmartConfig (please do not call any APIs under SmartConfig is done).
When using AT command, do not stop SmartConfig before device gets IP from router.

If the above did not solve your problem, please send us the debug log so that we can analyze the problem.

What is the corresponding version of APP or SDK for a given version of SmartConfig?
If the API smartconfig_start() is called by the user, “SC version: vX.X.X” will be printed out for reference. The related SDK and APP versions for SmartConfig versions are listed below:

sdk v1.2.0 smartconfig v2.4 app v0.3.4.x
sdk v1.3.0 smartconfig v2.5 app v0.3.4.x
sdk v1.3.0 smartconfig v2.5.1 app v0.3.4.x
sdk v1.4.0 smartconfig v2.5.2 app v0.3.4.x
sdk v1.5.0 smartconfig v2.5.3 app v0.3.4.x
sdk v1.5.4 smartconfig v2.5.4 app v0.3.4.x


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