Hi there, we are the mostfun team, we are here to bring you a truly reliable and affordable 3d printer.

3d printers have been around for a while, yet there are still some issues like calibration, extruder jamming, and complicated settings, which have been stopping users from maximum enjoyment of this convenient technology. So our goal is to make a 3d printer that is long-standing, reliable, simple to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

To reach this goal, we include you, our users, into the developmental process. We have already gathered important feedback from over 400 different users during the developmental stages, and will continue to do so afterwards. With your input, we believe that we can improve our product, leading it into a direction that is truly user-friendly.

After 16 month of iteration? (choose another word. This is not in everyday spoken vocabulary. Preparation?) we have reach a point where we are proud to present to you, mostfun pro, our 3d Printer.

The mostfun pro has a full metal body, ensuring that it’s strength and structural stability is guaranteed. In addition, because it is made of alumimium, the 3d printer weighs only 12 pounds.

The extruder is the part we have spent the most amount of time on during the development process. With a lot of effort we have enabled the extruder to print 4cm brige.

Another feature we have included with the extruder is auto-calibration. We put a pressure sensor on the side of the nuzzle. By gently touching the tray in the corner, the 3d printer can compensate for the slant angle of the tray.

Apart from standard PLA, we have also refined the extrude to be compatible with other materials, like TPU which is a flexible material and even wax with which you can print your own candle.

We have not stopped there, we have also designed the extruder to be easily removable, so that you could mount a more advanced extrude in the future.

Another important aspect of the mostfun pro 3d printer is wireless accessibility. You can access the control panel by scanning the QR code. With this, you can choose and print the mode directly from your mobile devices. When the printing is complete, the print will automatically send a notification to your cellphone. You could either connect the printer peer to peer directly with your device or you could also share this printer in your local network.

In accordance to the user feedback, we have incorporated a pause & resume function to allow you a much more flexible arrangement. Say, if you are printing something big and time consuming, and suddenly you urgently need to print another model, with our Pause & resume function you can pause and save the ongoing printing process and resume the printing later, after you finish printing the urgent one.

We have also added an auto-resuming function to secure your work in case the power is cut off unexpectedly,

And last but not least, we have developed, specially for Kickstarter, a online tracking system for you. With your backer ID you can check the statues quo of your printer anytime on our website.

We have completed over eighty percent of our product, and are currently figuring out the last bit of details to enhance the product experience.

We appreciate that you are embarking on this exciting journey with us!


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