root@mostfun:/tmp# configure_edison –help
usage: configure_edison [-h] [–server]
[[–setup | –name | –password | –wifi]
[–showWiFiIP | –version | –latest-version | –upgrade | –disableOneTimeSetup | –enableOneTimeSetup | –flash <version> [<release name> …]
| –showNames]

optional arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
–server Starts the server (testing only)
–setup Goes through changing the device name, password, and
wifi options
–name Changes the device name
–password Changes the device password
–wifi Changes the wifi options
–showWiFiIP IP address associated with the wireless interface
–version Gets the current firmware version
–latest-version Gets the latest firmware version
–upgrade Downloads the latest firmware
Disable one-time setup and WiFi access point
–enableOneTimeSetup Enable one-time setup and WiFi access point
–flash <version> [<release name> …]
Downloads and flashes an image
–showNames Show device name and SSID


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