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Atmel Studio Command Line Interface
Copyright (C) 2013 Atmel Corporation.

Usage: atprogram [options] <command> [arguments] [<command> [arguments] …]

-t –tool <arg> Tool name: avrdragon, avrispmk2, avrone, jtagice3,
jtagicemkii, qt600, stk500, stk600, samice, edbg
or atmelice.
-s –serialnumber <arg> The programmer/debugger serialnumber. Must be
specified when more than one debugger is
-c –comport <arg> The com port to use for the programmer/debugger.
e.g. -c COM1 or -c 1
-i –interface <arg> Physical interface: aWire, debugWIRE, HVPP, HVSP,
-d –device <arg> Device name. E.g. atxmega128a1 or at32uc3a0256.
-v –verbose Verbose output (debug).
-h –host <arg> Target host which runs the backend process.
-p –port <arg> Specify which port to use for the backend process.
Ignored if the host option is not given.
-l –logfile <arg> Log file for atpbackend output.
-f –force Force command even if firmware is not up to date.
-cl –clock <arg> The frequency to use for communication with a
device (hz, khz, mhz, default hz). E.g. -cl 10mhz
-mb –max-baudrate <arg> The maximum baud rate for communication on awire
-xr –externalreset Apply external reset when starting a session.
-dc –daisychain <args,..> Set up a JTAG daisychain. Arguments are <devices-
before devices-after instr-before instr-after>.
-dca –daisychain_auto <arg>
Set up a JTAG daisychain. Arguments are <selected-
deviceindex> for automatically selecting device in
jtag chain – Auto selection is supported only for
SAM devices.
-sa –snippet_addr <arg> Address where flash programming ram snippet should
be loaded.
-nr –no_ram Do not use ram snippet to program flash.
-tv –target-voltage <arg> Set the STK600 or STK500 target voltage (float
-a0 –aref0 <arg> Set the STK600 Aref0 or STK500 aref generator
voltage (float value).
-a1 –aref1 <arg> Set the STK600 Aref1 generator voltage (float
-cg –clock-generator <arg> Set the STK600 or STK500 clock generator frequency

(hz, khz, mhz, default hz).
–timeout <arg> Set the timeout value in seconds for commands. The
default is 180 seconds. Set to 0 for no timeout.
-q –quiet Do not display activity indicator.
-? –help Display help information.
-V –version Display version information.
-cf –configfile <arg> Set the configuration setting file name with path.

calibrate Performs the oscillator calibration procedure.
chiperase Full erase of chip.
dwdisable Disable debugWIRE interface.
erase Erase the specified memory.
exitcodes Display possible exit codes for atprogram.
help Displays help for a specific command.
info Display information about a device.
interactive Run in interactive mode.
list Detect and print information about connected Atmel Tools.
migration Display help for migration from old command line utilities.
panel Pops-up Tool’s settings Dialog.
program Program device with data from <file>.
read Read the contents of the memory on the device.
reset Reset all domains and jump to the reset vector.
secure Set the security bit on UC3 and ARM devices.
selftest Performs the selftest procedure on Atmel-ICE.
verify Verify content of memory based on a file.
version Display the version.
write Write to the memory with values entered on the command line.

Use atprogram help <command> to get available attributes.

atprogram -t jtagice3 -i jtag -d at32uc3b0512 program -f e:\file.elf
atprogram -t avrone -i pdi -d atxmega128a1 chiperase

For command specific help, use atprogram help <command>


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